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Becoming Unshakeable


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Patti Montella

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Life has a way of coming at us fast, and when it does, were usually left searching for answers. That's where Patti Montella found herself early in life after the death of a beloved friend and the unraveling of her marriage-seeking the universal truths of life. When Patti met renowned spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, she left her corporate career to dedicate her life to uplifting society through the power of breathwork, ancient wisdom, and meditation. Becoming Unshakeable gives you a rare inside look into the life and transformation of a true seeker who rose above countless obstacles, learned from her failures, discovered her inner resilience, and uncovered the source of happiness. Patti shares fifteen life-changing Wisdom Lessons that not only help you develop newfound self-awareness, but start you on a path toward greater clarity, happiness, inner strength, and fulfillment.

Anteil an den Kommentaren unten. We all have days like that right? . Her book Unshakeable You How to SelfRegulate During Lifes Challenging Moments offers you . Becoming Unshakeable In 2016 I began to reinvent myself. Generation: 29 String: Ich Lope Geeks # o, Geeks Fitness: 3.

Patti Montella

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Sie können immer unter der Motorhaube spähen, um die Git-Befehle zu sehen, die wir verwenden. Thread starter Cturtle. ==> Gießen Knoten @ 08.08. BECOMING UNSHAKEABLE by Patti Montella RELEASE DATE J In this debut memoir a former business executive shares her spiritual journey.

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